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Double head cutting saw LJZ2-450x3700

Equipment feature ■Used for aluminum profile cutting. ■Carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance. ■The two heads can work independently and simultaneously. ■Cut

Equipment feature 

■Used for aluminum profile cutting. 

■Carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance. 

■The two heads can work independently and simultaneously. 

■Cutting off the required length and two end angles is available by one time processing 

Technical parameter 

1) Power supply: three phase, four line 380V, 50Hz 

2) Saw motor: 1.5Kw x 2, 2,800r/min 

3) Pulling motor: 0.55Kw, 1,400r/min 

4) Working pressure: 0.4 - 0.6MPa 

5) Air consumption: 200L/min 

6) Cutting length: max. 3,700mm; min. 400mm 

7) Cutting width: max. 120mm 

8) Cutting height: max. 200mm 

9) Cutting angle: -45° - 0° - 45° 

10) Cutter feeding speed: 0 - 3m/min 

11) Saw diameter specification: 450mm x 4mm x 30mm-120 

12) Overall dimensions: 4,500mm x 1,100mm x 1,400mm 

Processing  accuracy 

 ■Repeat locating length ≤0.2mm

 ■Cutting angle allowance ±5'

 ■Cutting profile surface planeness ≤0.10mm 

 ■Cutting profile surface roughness Ra12.5μm

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